A huge Fortnite Section 2 leak surfaced lately, including both unreleased plus scrapped content. The list doesn’ t only revolve about cosmetics like skins plus backpacks but has Restricted Time Modes and weaponry that can prove game-changers.

At this point, there are several bad and some good news. The particular bad is that we don’ t know which ones of such items will make it towards the live servers. On the other hand, the great is that the list is large, really big.

The Fortnite Chapter two leak was posted upon   Reddit   by user u/Jaydragon978, who isn’ t the newbie when it comes to leaks plus rumors.

The list consists of all items which were leaked in the past and several new. In reality, a big part of those entries is obsolete and will never make it previous development. We can always wish though.

Cosmetic makeup products

We would possess expected this list to become bigger but it’ s i9000 a good one nonetheless. Pennywise being an outfit would be a must-buy for those movie fans as makeup that resemble the K-Pop culture would satisfy a huge portion of its players. Let’ s hope some of the them make it to the game in the future:

  • Stars plus Stripes (Contrail)

  • Pizza Pit (Wrap)

  • No Name (K-Pop) (Outfit)

  • Shifu (Outfit)

  • Airhead (Outfit)

  • Kunai Shield (Back Bling)

  • Wisdom’s edge (Harvesting Tool)

  • Pennywise (Outfit)

  • Sidetracked (Emote)

  • Nebula (Wrap)

  • Individual Banner (Spray)

  • Bob What (Emoticon)

  • Mary Bobbins (Emoticon)

Foraged Item

We’ ve seen mushrooms, we’ ve seen crystals and most recently fish. Durrr foraged items though would be a great tribute to the original Fortnite map and offer some great technicians. Given the fact that there are a couple of different items on that will list, there’ s a higher chance that Epic Games might consider pushing all of them live in a later time of year.

  • Durrr Fries

  • Durrr Shake

  • Durrr Burger

  • Durrr Hot Sauce

  • Pumpkin


Here’ s where things are getting tougher. The Fortnite Section 2 leak includes a large variety of weapons, consumables, plus traps that would either win or lose the game. Although we can’ t really know what each of them can be, seeing a sword amongst the entries as well as a good Intel Pack and a Cage Trap, opens up new possibilities for highlights:

  • Machine Pistol (Common)

  • Machine Gun (Uncommon)

  • Machine Pistol (Rare)

  • Sword

  • Hammercrush (Epic)

  • Hammercrush (Legendary)

  • (Different) LMG (Rare)

  • No Scope Sniper (Common)

  • Car Shotty (Common)

  • Auto Shotty (Uncommon)

  • Auto Shotty (Rare)


  • Intel Pack

  • Medic Pack

  • Eye of the Storm Tracker

  • Port-A-Pandora Shelter

  • Pertrol (Ammo)


  • Tire Trap

  • Birthday Trap

  • Impulse Trap

  • Crate Trap

Points Of Interests

New areas really are a standard for Epic Online games when it comes to new Seasons within Fortnite. Although the names can’ t be taken for given (since all areas have a two-word name with the same notice beginning), all of them seem feasible for a later Fortnite revise. You should pay close attention to future spot notes for Fortnite just in case some of those word pop up because new points of interest:

  • Sailing Seals

  • Festival

  • Sewers

  • Museum


This checklist wouldn’ t be finish without some Fortnite Limited Time Modes. In this case, we now have 3 entries, with Wreck-It Ralph being the most fascinating one. We would imagine this to be a superpower of kinds that lets players destroy structures without the use of tools. Legendary Games tends to release LTMs for popular franchises such as   Star Battles   or the Avengers when a new movie produces. Sadly, there’ s near to none possibility of a third Damage it Ralph movie which makes it to the big screen. We look ahead to the next one though.

  • Purple Reign

  • Wreck It Ralph LTM

  • The Blues

This is everything the new Fortnite Chapter 2 could have in store for us. Keep in mind that the aforementioned items, locations and much more aren’ t subjects associated with future updates and may never make it to live computers. However , we bet that will at least a bunch of them may. Season 2 of Fortnite starts sometime in the next 30 days, so make sure to complete your own Battle Pass and get lget ready for this next big update!