We will tackle the two main official esports titles in this post and give our ideas on which we’ d do to enhance them as well as look at a few of the steps Blizzard has taken to enhance the scene in the past calendar year.

The AWC: Room for improvement


The AWC is Blizzard’ s original and mainly ‘ traditional’ of the 2 esports that they officially operate for WoW. Blizzard began the year by announcing   big changes towards the AWC and MDI , with larger prize swimming pools with crowdfunding vian in-game toys and a host associated with cups and LAN activities throughout all major locations ending in the yearly BlizzCon final.

Pick and prohibit phase: This is something that we all see in a number of other esport titles, from League associated with Legends given teams the opportunity to ban a total of ten champions over the course of the stage to CS: GO providing map voting.

WoW esports is in an unique position to permit either or both from the above as options. Presently, in the AWC the first chart of each series is always the particular Nagrand Arena. Once this particular map is finished the dropping team then selects the following map from the available chart pool of any non-played maps in that series. With all the option of allowing teams the opportunity to ban a map for each series, though we confess this might require Blizzard in order to either widen the current roadmaps used in the AWC simply by either making additional circles or by making use of certain old-world arenas like the Gurubashi Area, which is admittedly just a clear arena with zero line-of-sight points, however , the location by itself could be added with ease.

Another option when it comes to picks plus bans is spec banning. The idea would give each group one spec ban for each series. For example team The could remove Resto Druid whilst team B can ban out Frost Mage. The tactic would successfully allow teams to prohibit out overpowered picks, mainly due to Blizzard being a lot slower to issue nerfs/buffs to specs than programmers like Riot does along with League of Legends. This is often explained by WoW needing to adjust spells, classes and so on to multiple different conditions, not just arena. Though, Whoa does have a system that can change a specific specs stats within arena, though Blizzard is usually yet to really ban particular items or spells.

Finally, we need to look at items plus spells. PvP and PvE live together in Amazing, with the exception of 3 extra PvP talents most classes run in the same way. One of the major difficulties with WoW PvP has been crowded out PvE items making their way straight into WoW arena and leading to huge issues. An example could be a spec like Monk healer who might get into a WoW raid using a tank loot spec, gather a tank trinket or even item with a shield impact then use that product as a healer in World to give themselves a massive protect. For a good example of this particular, Method Cdew made an in April explaining the problem.

The MDI: Time for you to embrace the past

The particular MDI is in a pretty strong place, as the newer Whoa esports the scene smashes away from esports norms simply by offering a more ‘ Video games Done Quick’ or quickness running style. You can find out there more in part 2 of the series.


When it comes to the MDI, among the major complaints has been structure variety. One of the most common places is to see a Warrior container, Druid healer, for DPS you’ re always likely to see at least 1 fake due to their ability to shroud previous packs of mobs having a monk often seen in among the slots due to them offering a melee damage buff for that rogues.


Just before the most recent MDI, Blizzard put out a slight nerf in order to Outlaw rogue, though this did little to change the problem. One plus might are available in the form of the 2020 period, as Blizzard is set to produce a new affix that will allow groupings to skip packs utilizing a new in-dungeon pillar that will spawn a boss and permit people to skip (shown above). However , with this change not really due till the 2020 season, it will have no effect on this seasons MDI.

The following idea would be to introduce exactly the same banning system that we mentioned previously. Prior to the most recent MDI, Blizzard had only allowed a single roster change (spec change) between maps, which while allowing teams to change upward their team, the reality had been it did not allow sufficient scope. At BlizzCon, it was no longer the case, and Blizzard instead allowed teams for making more composition changes.

One particular option might be to allow shedding sides to target ban among the opposing teams’ specs. The only real issues with allowing spec bans in the MDI would be that will due to the MDI being team-trial based rather than straight PvP, teams will have selected particular compositions for each dungeon/affix mixture.

An idea that might liven up both MDI and the Mythic In addition season as a whole would be the re-introduction two old dungeons for each season into the map swimming pool. For ease of implementation these types of could be dungeons from Legion, but going forward future expansions could pull from before expansions, maybe even a ‘ fan vote’ could help associated with WoW community feel a lot more listened to.

Embrace the city

Method WSOE Race to World Firstg

The  WoW community has frequently felt disconnected from Whoa and its dev team. Area this is most notable when it comes to esports is the lack of a World of warcraft Esports Twitter account. Given that June 2013 the @WarcraftEsports Twitter handle was discovered   here . Earlier this year, shortly after a Twitter update from David Hollings,   Associate Product Supervisor, WoW Esports, AWC and GCDTV founder asking who went the account changed as well as the @warcraftesports has laid heavy with just 1 fans ever since.

Assuming Blizzard now has the Twitter accounts, it would be about time it was completely utilised to help hype upward and promote Warcraft esports, because currently, all of us get are generic ‘ Live right now’ Twitter posts from the official Warcraft accounts.

It’ s not already been a great end to 2019 for Blizzard, though BlizzCon ended on a slightly much less sour note. It is unclear if the latest expansion statement will do enough to come the angry reaction to Blizzard and its handling of both Hong Kong situation and its insufficient community engagement as a whole. Once we move into 2020 WoW esports has a lot to do to enhance, with Blizzard themselves using a lot to improve.

What do you guys/girls think?