PUBG Corp released a brand new update for PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds this week as players can now download the 5.2 patch. A couple of the notable changes to this update are the addition of the new Spike Trap tool, while Vikendi has gotten a number of improvements. We have those notes below, but you can read more about the update here.

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Credit: PUBG Corp.

New Item: Spike Trap

“We almost named it Buffy.”

  • Spike Traps puncture the tires of any vehicle that runs over the strip of spikes.

    • A Spike Trap can only damage one vehicle before it disappears.

    • Spike Traps puncture the tires of vehicles, but do not damage overall vehicle health.

  • Spike Traps are spawned at rates consistent with other throwables across all maps.

  • You can lay a Spike Trap by selecting it and pressing LMB. Once you’ve laid a Spike Trap, you cannot pick it back up.

Improved towns in Vikendi

  • A few of Vikendi’s towns were seldom visited due to complex structures or not enough loot. We’ve made some adjustments to the following areas:

    • Volnova has been reshaped in general. Major buildings and driving routes have been modified.

    • Item spawn counts in Peshkova have increased.

    • Garages where vehicles are spawned in Trevno have been relocated to allow easier escape after looting. So get to stepping. 

  • Some buildings have been removed or replaced with different buildings to improve gameplay. The field of vision gained from high buildings has been adjusted, through structural changes.

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