It’s been less than 24 hours since Red Dead Redemption II launched for PC, and things haven’t exactly been smooth sailing so far. We’ve known about the PC Requirements for a while now, and also got a nice look at what the game could potentially do with a high end build. However, the problems appear to be stemming mostly from outdated drivers, interference from other software, and the new Rockstar Launcher which is being reported by numerous customers on Rockstar’s Twitter account for crashing either before the game launches, or when the game is already running.

We understand that not everyone will be able to play this title right out of the gate. It will take some updates and other fixes to say the least, but you’d think that the launcher would be one of great importance when prepping for a release of this magnitude. The biggest complaint seems to be when players attempt to launch the title by pressing the “Play” title on the game’s page only to see an error screen instead.

The company responded by releasing an update within the same day to try and remedy the problem. The list of fixes is pretty lengthy, which worries us that they haven’t accounted for this many problems on the game’s launch. This list includes the aforementioned error screen, crashing the launcher when trying to start it, and failing to launch the game in general. These have also been reported on the Epic Games Store, but the majority of the players seem to be having this problem on Rockstar’s own launcher.

Despite this huge patch, a lot of people are claiming on the same twitter thread above that they are still experiencing the same problems. Some have taken their grievances to the megathread on the official Reddit page for other solutions, some with mixed success. Still, the fact that these issues persist isn’t a great sign of things to come for the brand spanking new launcher that Rockstar showed us a couple of months ago. Hopefully they’re able to mesh them out much sooner than later, otherwise a lot of people will stay away until these problems are solved.

Red Dead Redemption II is now out for PC through the Rockstar Games Launcher, and the Epic Games Store.

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