Jarvis Khattri offers an emotional apology after being banned from Fortnite.

Jarvis Khattri has built a significant part of his 17-year-old life around Fortnite. The UK-based player has attracted over 2 million followers on YouTube in just a couple of years, and he signed with the esports monolith FaZe Clan for competitive play in April.

Now all that is at risk of falling apart. That"s because Epic Games has issued Khattri a lifetime ban from Fortnite after he posted a video (since deleted, mirrored here) showing him using aimbot software to cheat in the game.

In an emotional apology video posted Sunday, Khattri admits to posting "some videos of me using aimbots in solo and playground mode." But he says in the apology that this is the "first time I"ve ever done anything like this" and that he"s "never done anything like this in a competitive scenario."

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