The early patch notes for Fortnite Chapter 2 are out, including information about the new map, its battle pass and more. It’s time we say goodbye to the famous battle royale title as we know it. The new season brings a new spin into the mix.

For starters, let’s take a look at the new map. According to the official announcement by Epic Games, the Fortnite Chapter 2 map includes 13 locations, some of which we’ve already seen in the recently released trailer. There will be more areas with water, at least three given what we’ve seen. A lake, a beach, two islands, and a marsh are visible in both the trailer and the official screenshots, all to match the game’s new mechanics. The map also includes a power plant, a dam and a classic farm.

What’s most interesting about Fortnite Chapter 2 though is the changes in its gameplay. The new areas unlock possibilities for players to swim, fish, and battle on motorboats. If what we see in the trailer is on point then fishing will grand you random loot, giving you a chance to win a game even without hitting the major hotspots.

For all you support lovers out there, Fortnite has you covered this season. The Bandage Bazooka is a new item introduced this season, which will let you heal your teammates and ensure the win. In addition, you’ll now be able to carry your fallen comrades to safety. A much-appreciated gesture from Epic Games, if you ask us.

Fortnite Chapter 2

Combat is also changing according to the patch notes for Fortnite Chapter 2. You can now surprise your enemies by hiding in haystack and dumpsters as well as blowing up explosive barrels and tanks. This will give players more ways to ensure the Victory Royale, even without the necessary building.

To top all that, we get a glimpse of the new updated combat system. According to the patch notes, weapons can now be upgraded with the upgrade bench, using resources. We don’t know what the procedure will be yet, but having spots to upgrade your gear and use resources can unlock potential for daily players.

The Fortnite leveling system is also getting a revamp, giving you new ways to level up. Medals for different activities in the match will give you bonus experience and rewards through the Battle Pass. We don’t really know if the medals will be exclusive to Battle Pass owners but if so, Epic Games has scored a win for potential revenue.

This is pretty much it for the Fortnite Chapter 2 patch notes. In the days to follow, we shall know more about the weapons and how to use the map’s objectives to your advantage. We also can’t wait to find out whether or not Fortnite: Save the World will go free-to-play. The new season has already begun so get ready to jump right in and score some wins.

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