Halloween Has Arrived In Apex Legends

Apex Legends" Halloween-themed event, Fight or Fright, is officially live. Until November 5, the event offers a new limited-time mode to participate in, as well as over two dozen rare, epic, and legendary cosmetics to unlock. We"ve compiled most of the new items you can unlock during the event in the following gallery.

You"ll unlock the first Fight or Fright item just for logging into Apex Legends while the event is going on: the Fight or Fright Music Pack, which offers you a spooky rendition of the battle royale"s main theme to listen to. You"ll have to both work towards and probably drop some real-world cash for the remaining items.

Several of Fight or Fright"s items are tied to the event"s limited-time challenges, which can only be completed by doing certain tasks in the new Shadowfall mode. In Shadowfall, you drop solo onto a nightmarish rendition of Kings Canyon. But death isn"t the end in this new mode. Instead, when you die, you drop again as a member of the Shadow Squad--a group of shadows with enhanced speed and melee damage. Your goal in Shadowfall is to either be one of the ten final survivors who must escape on a dropship, or join the Shadow Squad and kill off all of the survivors before anyone can get away.

The remaining Fight or Fright items are tied to the event"s exclusive Apex Packs--the most notable being the new character cosmetics. Of the 11 playable characters, 10 are getting skins that dress them up in Halloween costumes. Some are silly (Mirage as a cowboy) while others are much more creepy (Caustic as a clown).

Though you can earn some by completing challenges in Shadowfall, you"ll need to buy most of them to earn every new epic and legendary skin. If you acquire all 24 of the items in the Apex Packs, you"ll automatically unlock Lifeline"s heirloom for free, giving the support character a unique melee animation, banner pose, and kill quip.

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